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Change Your Relationship With Life

Enjoying Who You Are

Enjoying What You Are Doing

Being At Peace

How are Things in Your World?

Are One or More of These Struggles Disrupting Your Inner Peace?

Constant Stress & Overwhelm

Your mind won’t stop. You are one of the 50% of people managing stress “all” or “most” of the time.

Feeling Lost or Unfulfilled

You are tolerating not finding much joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction in what you are doing.

Life Consistently feels hard

It feels like the infinite forces of life are against you, keeping you stuck in fight or flight.

You Don't Have to Struggle Anymore

Jordan White, Certified Life & Leadership Coach

I spent much of my life trying to manipulate the outside world to align with mine. It resulted in many of the pain points mentioned above. When I decided that I was done competing with reality, I went on the journey of self-exploration, intending to find what was needed to find inner peace. I profoundly learned that it wasn’t the inevitable challenges of life causing my unsustainable stress but how I was thinking about and interacting with these so-called problems. I was trying to make life be in harmony with me, which was exhausting compared to harmonizing with life.  

My relationship with life changed and I eventually got to a place of consistent well-being. In that process, I realized that my natural attributes, temperament, spirit, and being aligned entirely with coaching. After earning a Master’s in Communication and Leadership, graduating from Coach U’s signature program, and earning an ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation, I left my corporate role to pursue my newfound calling. Now, my passion lies in supporting people just like you navigate their Valuegenic Self-Leadership journey. Are you ready to start yours?

Signature Coaching Program

Self-Leadership 1-2-3

The eight-week program is designed for us to partner one-on-one to uncover and maximize your highest-level thinking and innermost value. We will clarify your vision for your desired future, map out a personalized plan using science-backed strategies, resources, and principles to get you there, and then put that plan into action until you are living the reality that has felt out of reach. Click the button below to learn all the details and apply for one of the few remaining spots.

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