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Like You, I Thought My Introversion Was Holding Me Back...

Before becoming a certified life and leadership coach, I looked at my introversion as something that was getting in the way of making progress personally and professionally. As many introverts do, I started to believe that I had to change my personality and temperament to become successful. Getting passed up for leadership positions and other opportunities did nothing but reinforce that thought. 

After taking the MBTI and learning more about my natural preferences, things began to change. I became more curious about how I could use this new level of self-awareness to stop working against my core personality traits.

It was time to take a different approach and stop using my introversion as an excuse to achieve the goals I had set out to achieve. It took courage, and I was uncomfortable, but I eventually reached out to a professional coach to get support. I was tired of suffering and realized that it was going to be hard for me to overcome the challenges I was facing by having a conversation in my own head about myself.

Working with a coach was the tool I needed to become an empowered introvert. That experience helped me understand that I had much more influence over what happened in my life than I could ever imagine. I found ways that worked for me to increase my presence, enhance my self and situational awareness, and maximize my communication and leadership skills. I got the promotion and became someone sought after rather than trying to “sell” people on who I was and my capabilities.

The best thing about it was that my coach never told me what to do or how to do it. She asked questions in a way that helped me become empowered to find that out for myself. I learned that, ultimately, the quality of my life would depend on how I led myself. I realized that life will always have its challenges and setbacks and that spending conscious energy developing a mindset to navigate them more effectively was more valuable than wanting the world to change for me. It reframed everything.

With a coach’s support, I completely transformed how I viewed my introversion. The experience was so powerful that my entire being became inspired to become a life and leadership coach. Now, life experiences, an MA in Communication and Leadership, an ACC from the International Coaching Federation, and a certification in Axiogenics® allow me to help people like you find joy and fulfillment in who you are, enjoy what you are doing, and honor your inner peace.

If you are ready, it would be an honor to walk alongside you in your Empowered Introvert journey. Click the button below to get started.

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