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About Jordan


During my athletic journey, I had this strong sense of prioritizing teamwork, almost to a fault. I wanted everyone to be involved and for us to operate as a team. Through that experience, I eventually realized I had developed a unique, almost spiritual-like leadership style by emphasizing we over me or what Phil Jackson championed as “oneness” – setting aside our egos and plugging into the power of accomplishing more together in a mindful way. Transitioning into the corporate space, this approach proved to serve me well. Recognizing the power of seeing each person as a unique individual, pouring into their growth, and helping them realize the unique value they bring to the bigger picture, I naturally ventured into professional coaching while pursuing an MA in Communication and Leadership. Before becoming a coach, I worked with one (and still do) and sought clarity on my purpose, solidifying an inner belief and knowing that coaching is my calling. I’m grateful for the opportunity and passionate about helping individuals and teams tap into their highest potential so they can bring their A-Game to all areas of their lives.


I bring a wealth of credentials to my coaching practice, including ICF ACC accreditation (PCC pending), training at CoachU – the pioneering coaching school founded by Thomas Leonard, Axiogenics®, MBTI, PrinciplesYou, NLP, and am a Certified Smart Growth Advisor. I also sit on the board of the ICF Colorado chapter and am a faculty member of an ICF-accredited Coaching Academy training onboarding coaches.


Guided by the Three Cs – curiosity, compassion, and consciousness – my coaching methodology is rooted in creating a nurturing space where everyone’s inner star player is honored. Recognizing each person as one of one, I provide a safe environment to explore self and situational awareness without judgment. With the highest level of listening, love, and wisdom as my guides, I draw inspiration from figures like Phil Jackson, Michael Singer, Robert Hartman, Stephen Covey, Gandhi, and Don Miguel Ruiz. My coaching principles also align with the principles of Valuegenic Self-Leadership (gotta walk the walk!).

Personal Mission:

I am committed to awakening and nurturing the innermost value and goodness in myself and others.

On a Personal Note:

I was born and raised in Denver, CO, where I live with my beautiful wife, Heather. I am a lover of concerts at Red Rocks and someone who finds joy in reading, meditating, learning, DJing, and the pursuit of excellence on the golf course (I’ve got work to do!) I’m proud to have been named one of the Top 15 Coaches in Denver and to be recognized by Coach Foundation as a top leadership coach in America. Outside of working with transformational leaders within mission-driven organizations, I also have a passion for working with younger people. I enjoy contributing to the development of Colorado University leadership students and students within the Brother to Brother (B2B) program at Metropolitan State University. Ready to chat? Book a connection below!

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