Your Valuegenic Self-Leadership Journey Begins Here

Have You Ever Noticed That Little Voice Talking Inside Your Head?

These thoughts shape our lives, work, & relationships

That little voice is powered by your subconscious mind and it is dominant. Consider these statistics:

  • Up to 95% of your thoughts happen at the subconscious (autopilot) level
  • You have up to 50,000 thoughts per day
  • 90% of the thoughts that you think are the same thoughts as the day before

Think about it – what percentage of your day happens on “autopilot?” What percentage of the challenges you are facing still exist? Around 95%? The same thinking leads to the same choices. The same choices lead to the same behaviors. The same behaviors create the same experiences. Do you see how this little voice could be holding you back from more than you can imagine?

Learn How To Overcome That Little Voice

Believe it or not, that little voice is something you can stand up to. Chances are, you are pretty successful in all your roles, even operating at the 95% autopilot rate. Becoming a Valuegenic Self-Leader is about lowering that number, even if it’s just a little bit. It’s also about de-prioritizing that little voice to consciously seek out and create more value and win-win scenarios in all situations that matter rather than come from a win-lose or lose-lose place of limitation, defensiveness, fear, anxiety, and scarcity.


Becoming a Valuegenic Self-Leader includes getting trained in ground-breaking technology called NCRT (Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling Technology). NCRT is scientifically proven to help people like you become profoundly aware of your thinking, overpower the limiting chatter, and learn how to make more valuegenic choices that lead to better results in virtually everything you do. It is unlike any other personal, leadership, and organizational development tool you have ever encountered.


I have spent the last ten years committed to becoming the best coach possible (and will continue to do so) for the clients I am lucky enough to support. It was why I hired a coach and still work with one today. It is why I pursued a Master’s in Communication and Leadership and earned various other certifications. It is why I became a certified life and leadership coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It is why I became an Axiogenics® certified practitioner. We all have thinking assets and unique gifts of value to offer ourselves and others that we never knew existed. Let’s partner together to discover yours!

The Inner-Most YOU Is Full of So Much Goodness...

Imagine waking up every morning filled with certainty, fulfillment, positive energy, and healthy, helpful, and productive thoughts that bring the best out of you and others. Imagine recreating your place in the world, overcoming the one thing that took full advantage of your talents, gifts, and skills, as well as your values, goals, and dreams. How would you feel? How would you act? What would change? What else would become possible?

Maybe it would look a little something like this. You would…

Enjoy Who You Are

You would know who you are, enjoy who you are, and respect who you are at new, profound levels

Enjoy What You Are Doing

You would learn how to make powerful use of your unique abilities that add to your sense of self and honor who you are at home and work

Be At Peace

You would shift to embrace that all things are working towards a greater good, even when “moments” don’t seem like it

Choose The Empowered Path

If you want it, it’s there for you. You can stop tolerating a lack of fulfillment and trying to figure it out all by yourself and instead work with someone equipped, trained, and passionate about helping you achieve the very things you want so badly. There’s no telling how far you’ll go in your life and career with a dedicated coach by your side, helping you navigate the new path forward of Valuegenic Self-Leadership every step of the way.

My work is 100% guaranteed for those who are committed 100% and do 100% of the work. If you’re one of those people, I invite you to choose the empowered path, click the button below, and take the first step toward being joyfully engaged, focused on making a difference, and contributing your best in all aspects of your life.

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